Have you tried many different fad and weight loss diets?  You may feel confused as to what is truly the most healthy way to nourish your body.  That is understandable, with so many conflicting books, ideas and "research".    The truth is, if you eat healthily, you will be the perfect weight.

GREAT NEWS!  No calorie counting! You do not have to say you will never have your favorite foods again.  It is most important to have protein and healthy fats at every meal, not just carbohydrates.  It is excess sugars and carbohydrates that sabotage our healthy weight. And even if you do not have Celiac disease, the presence of GLUTEN in your diet from wheat and other grains can be highly inflammatory, causing brain dysfunction and body inflammation, so you may want to try an elimination (one thing at a time) diet.  And remember, drinking plenty of WATER is the best way to keep our cells (and brains) happy! 


Following are a few "tricks" to help you stay on track.

* If you are feeling tempted by something you know is not healthy, just walk away for 10 minutes, and the desire will fade.  Another option is to eat something with healthy fats & proteins, such as a handful of nuts.

*If you brush your teeth, with the non dominant hand, you will (a) lose the desire to eat; and (b) teach yourself the will power of doing something a different way.

*Exercise for 10 minutes minimum  on a treadmill or go for a walk outdoors.



1) IF YOU CRAVE CHOCOLATE: your body actually needs Magnesium.  Your body is reacting to stress.  The best solution is to have chocolate covered nuts, so that you are also getting fiber and protein, preferably at least 70% cacao. Taking a magnesium supplement at night will help you sleep well also.

2) IF YOU CRAVE BREADY CARBS such as bagels or pasta, your body is reacting to  low serotonin levels in the brain.  The best way to combat this craving is to add Omega 3's and slow carbs such as edamame or crispy soy nuts, which add fiber, or tortilla with avocado and healthy seeds on top, and a protein.

3) IF YOU CRAVY SALTY, FRIED FOODS such as French fries, your body is reacting to dehydration.  Replace the water (and a little salt) with celery sticks instead, dipped in tzaziki instead of fatty dips.

4) IF YOU CRAVE SWEETS like cupcakes and cookies, your body is reacting to a drop in energy and blood sugar.  To increase your energy in a more healthy way, enjoy a piece of fresh fruit, balanced with fats and proteins, like cheese or nuts.